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More and more people are listening to Christian Rap these days. Although
many people love Hip Hop/Rap they don’t like the lyrical content that it
brings. Christian Rap brings the same type of beats and a similar vybe
without the racey lyrics. As people are looking for more guidance in their
lives(while keeping the style of music they like), a good dose of this
music might do the trick. Now it is time to introduce you to some popular
Christian Rappers. Get familiar with these artists and see why this music
is becoming so popular.

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Lecrae is an American Christian Rapper. He is also an actor, songwriter,
and record producer. Lecrae has his own record label called Reach Records,
along with a non-profit organization called Reach Life Ministries. Lecrae
has also received multiple music nominations and awards. Lecrae was the
first Christian Rapper to ever receive a Grammy Award. He is probably the
most recognized artist in Christian Rap Music. Lecrae was born in Texas,
but has also lived in Dallas, Denver, and San Diego. After becoming a drug
dealer out of high school he had a bad car wreck that changed his outlook
on life. Lecrae found God and started using his rapping abilities to
promote the Kingdom. Five years after his conversion he founded his company
and released his first album. At the age of 25 Lecrae catapulted the
Christian Rap genre to the forefront. The rap beats that he uses in songs he
performs sound just like mainstream trap and rap songs from industry artists.

Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo is a Christian Rapper signed to Reach Records. He loves
music, and has been involved in this genre since high school. While in high
school he joined a music group called Fat Camp. Andy was born in New York
and attended Christian Camps since he was a boy. After joining Fat Camp,
Mineo went on to win several song contests. This rapper is truly an
entrepreneur, he formed a studio when he was just a boy. Andy Mineo has
released many albums for Reach Records.


K.B. is a Christian Rapper who was born in Florida. He is also the leader
of the famous group H.G.A. K.B. is signed to Reach Records as a solo
artist. His debut album called Weight & Glory received great praise from
critics. His second album called Tomorrow We Live was released in 2015.
K.B. was born in Florida in 1988 into a military family. He had to face the
realities of a poor family, and a bad neighborhood when he was just a boy.
He lived a stressful life when he was young, but he found God and got on
the right path.

Trip Lee

Trip Lee is an rapper, author, poet, and singer. He is not only a solo
artist, he also performs with Lecrae in the group 116 Clique. Though Lee
lives in Georgia now he was born in Dallas,Texas. He attracted a lot of
attention when he was 16 after appearing on the website of Reach Records.
Trip’s music career started after this, and he signed with Lecrae’s
company. He released an album called “If They Only Knew” with this label a
few days after graduating high school. He has a distinct southern sound and
gospel-saturated lyrics to go with it.


Bizzle is a Christian rapper and entrepreneur. In 2010, Bizzle released his
very first mixtape called The Messenger. He also founded a record label in
that same year. These accomplishments speak for themselves about the
entrepreneurial spirit of this man. Bizzle has reached top spots on the
Gospel Album Chart’s published by Billboard. This rapper has even received
tons of nominations related to gospel music. Bizzle also loves controversy
because he knows that this tactic can generate a lot of buzz and business
for him down the road.

Christian Rap Status

Christian rap is here to stay for a long time. Kanye West, and many other
main stream rappers are weaving Christian themes into their music
regularly. This genre of music is a growing trend that we need to pay close
attention to. The secular music world is eating this style up. Christian
Rap is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. With the help of the
artists mentioned in this article this genre will keep growing.


Now that you know more about the rappers in this genre, you have more
reasons to check out Christian Rap. Hip Hop is extremely popular in today’s
world, and Christian Hip Hop gives you the best of both worlds. It gives
you the feel of main stream rap with the message of Christ. Remember that
this kind of music will allow you to share the truth of God around the

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