Online casinos feature several amazing games in their game lobby that can also be played for free. One noteworthy benefit of playing online casino games is the convenience it offers since you're not moving to any location before you can play. Keno is one of the common games you will find in the lobby of top casinos. Also, this game can be played on either mobile or desktop devices without downloading any additional application. In this article, we will explain how the game works as well as the strategies you can use in the game. You can visit casinoonline-canada for more reviews on online casinos.

The Goal of a Keno Game

Keno is a game that has the same gameplay as the lottery game. The game is being laid using numbered balls marked with various colours. To play, you have to buy the scorecard from the casino A typical keno scorecard consists of numbers between 80 and 120. The goal of the game is for you to mark your lucky number or set of numbers among the scorecards. Then wait for the commencement of the raffle draw which decides if you are lucky or not. In an online casino, once the game loads, you will be presented the scorecards on the game screen.

  • Keno is played using number balls and scorecards
  • The payout of the game is based on the number the player guesses correctly.
  • The game is luck-based

The number you can select on a scorecard varies depending on the game version you downloaded. Some versions allow you to select up to 10 numbers while others can allow you to select 20 numbers. After you've selected the lucky number, a raffle draw will be held. In the draw numbers on the scorecard would be picked at random and if the number is picked, then you win the game round. The Payout in keno depends on how many numbers you're able to predict correctly. You stand a better chance when you predict more number other than predicting less.

Online Keno Strategies

Keno game is entirely based on luck. which means that there is no skill required to play the game. Hence, there is little or nothing you can do to boost your chances of winning in the game. However, experienced keno players use some strategies while playing the game. One strategy they use is to buy more keno scratchcard before the raffle commences. This increase their chances of getting one number picked among the many numbers that were marked. The more your number choice, the greater chance you have to win the keno game. You can also choose one number and get a win in the game.

A good way to get a grip at understanding the game is to play it in free demo mode. Several online casinos offer interesting games like keno in their lobby for free. You can use the free version to perfect your strategies as well as learn the game rules without wagering real money. Since you're not risking real money, you can experiment while playing the game. You can learn new moves, understand the pattern of the game and at the same time have fun while at it. Then you can now take everything you've learnt to wager real money.

Choosing a Good Keno Online Casino.

Before registering in an online casino to play keno games, you need to know if the casino holds a license from a reputable licensing authority. Also, you need to check the bonuses that the online casino offers its players. Most online casinos reward its new and existing players with bonus offers like the welcome bonus, reload bonus, deposit bonus, loyalty reward and so on. Another thing you need to check is the payment option of the casino you want to signup with. You will be depositing and withdrawing from your casino account and you need to use a reliable channel to do it.